Maryland Decals Stickers

Maryland Decal Car Sticker

Congratulations! you just found the Best Quality Maryland Decals Stickers & Magnets. What makes my decals better than others? First because my Decals and Magnets are printed on Waterproof UV coated Vinyl. They are made to last year’s outside on car windows, trucks, boats, snow boards, waters skis, atvs., cell phones, & laptops, you name it. Secondly they are dishwasher proof and safe to use on tumblers and other dishware, and thirdly the UV coating makes them fade resistant and able to last years outdoors in the sun. All my decals are locally designed in Maryland by me & printed in the U.S.A. Thank you for visiting my website & please share my info with your family & friends.
Customer Service phone 410-693-9386 / email

Maryland decals car stickers

Maryland decals car stickers

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To purchase my Maryland Decals look to the upper right corner of this main page “Buy Decals Now” or use my “Contact Me” website tab to get my phone number and website address. I accept all major credit cards payments, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Paypal and company checks. Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you soon, David McMullen Sr. webmaster & designer

Customer Service phone 410-693-9386

Custom Designed Decals Stickers & Magnets

I also can offer to print your custom business decals or magnet. Most sizes and shapes are available. Its a great way to advertise your business as a promotional item. Your customers will advertise your business on there cars or trucks for years. My custom decals are printed in Full Color which means you get Full Unlimited colors for same low price for as a one or two color decals. These decals are designed for outdoor use on cars, vehicles or boats & trailers. These decals are thick, durable vinyl with a UV coating that protects your die cut stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight. These decals have s expected life of 3-5 years outdoors and unlimited time indoors. To apply these decals the surface should be clean and free of any water, oils, wax or cleaners.